Are you uncomfortable with selling in your emails?

I had an interesting conversation with one of my clients about their onboarding email sequence. He was worried that his emails will be perceived as spam because they have selling elements inside. Furthermore, that this might damage his personal brand. Now, I’m not surprised that he was worried about that. The Internet is full of … Read more

How to get better at writing (so simple but works wonders)

There is one little-known technique which separates average copywriters from great ones. Or at least helps them get better in less time. Gary Halbert said it’s one of the best ways to get better at writing. Dan Kennedy said it too. And if you’d ask all the other great copywriters, they’d probably agree. Look, you … Read more

Crafty little Black Friday / Cyber Monday promo tip

Here’s a story from way back when I was a little kid. Here in Croatia, we have our own version of trick or treat kind of stuff. Yes, kids put on masks and go around people’s home, but it’s a bit different. When people opened the doors, we would sing a song and even dance. … Read more

How should you talk to your subscribers aka 5 stages of awareness

In my last email I mentioned how people come to your list at different stages in the buying cycle. Let me sprinkle some marketing grains of wisdom on you so you can understand exactly what this is about. When your subscribers join your email list, they are in one of these stages of awareness: Unaware … Read more

How to ethically stalk your competitors’ ads on Facebook

It might not seem email related, but ads and emails are such a badass duo that I can’t hold this up on you. Ever wanted to know exactly what Facebook ads someone is running? Either for getting inspired, using it for your swipe files or just to see what campaigns they have active at the … Read more

When should you consider implementing email automation in your business?

Email automation isn’t just for big boys anymore. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Now you’re like, wait what? Here is the thing…Email automation, when implemented correctly, can be a massive time saver for businesses and a huge profit booster. But only when you have rock solid foundations. What I mean by … Read more

All roads should lead to your email list

I was browsing through Quora today and found an interesting question: “What was the biggest mistake you made in marketing?” And there was an answer from Noah Kagan (the guy behind AppSumo). His story was pretty shocking, listen to this. 10 years ago his company was, at that time, the largest Facebook app developer. They … Read more