About Me

Zoran Orak

What I do

I’m an email marketing consultant specialized in helping businesses save time and generate sales using email automation. This includes creating a strategy, writing email copy and setting everything up.

Email automation not only saves you precious time, but also helps you deliver the right message at the right time. To every single subscriber on your list!

That means more engagement with your emails, healthier list and more sales.

I work with business owners who are sick and tired (almost ashamed) of how their email marketing performs and want to upgrade to the big boys league.

The only important thing for me is that you are passionate about your business and that it’s something that really gives value to your audience. That said, I can’t work with you if you don’t have a solid offer in place (that means your business needs to be established and you are making sales too).

Why? Because any form of marketing is just a multiplier to the offer, not the offer itself.

So if you have a solid offer that already converts, investing into email marketing automation is the right move for you. If not, work on that offer first and don’t worry about any big game marketing yet.

My experience (or how I got to where I am now)

I got into the whole email thing back in 2010, when I was tasked to take care of setting up email campaigns for the biggest daily deal company in Croatia. This experience really opened my eyes, because I found out that emails were delivering over 50% of total sales. Emails are the shit!

Few years forward and I got into email development. This is what I did when I went on my own. I didn’t know how to code anything, but I was always on the geeky side, so learning this came naturally to me. And I got pretty good at it too. Soon, I figured out all the nuances of different email clients and their rendering issues. My emails were bulletproof, and soon I had over 100 happy clients to confirm it.

But I wasn’t feeling complete.

Because I wanted to make a bigger impact on the bottom line for my clients. That meant I had to focus my work more on making sales.

Don’t get me wrong, email rendering is important. And it’s important that the message gets understood.

But that won’t help my clients if their strategy doesn’t exist, if their copy is poorly written, if they don’t take care of their list and stop treating it like a booty call.

My background was in marketing after all, so I started to upgrade my skills in sales and copywriting. Understanding why people buy and what makes them tick was exciting.

So was discovering everything you can do with email automation and how you can basically have the whole business running on autopilot. Technology finally caught up and automation wasn’t only for businesses with the deepest pockets.

Today, I use all these skills to offer a complete done for you email automation service to my clients or to consult them on what they need to do to get results.

Get to know me even more

When I’m not working, I usually spend time with the love of my life Lidija and our kitten Shelly, the most adorable thing ever! You can also find me playing games on my PC a lot (PC master race!) or reading some marketing/self-improvement book.

I also love cooking. You wouldn’t tell when you look at me, but I love to eat. If you want to make me happy instantly, bring me food!

Ever since I was a little boy, I was pretty active in sports. Inspired by Bruce Lee, I got into martial arts when I was 7. This went on for a couple of years and then I switched over to basketball. Still love the game and playing it.

At the end of my high school, I also discovered parkour. It wasn’t so popular like it is today, so every time someone saw us training, we had to explain what it is we’re doing. That’s also when I had a TV appearance, as a high school kid, where we were showing the whole country what it’s all about.

During that time, I read and learned so much about body conditioning, proper diet and how muscles work. It’s become a second nature to me.

That story has a sad end though. As I injured my wrist during an awkward fall. Then I didn’t let it heal or go to see the doctors, I just wanted to keep on training and made it worse. No doctor could really help me after things got nasty and I had to quit, what was at that time, a big part of my life and who I was. Who knows where I’d be if that didn’t happen.

But I’m happy that today, I’m still able to shoot some hoops without upsetting my wrist and use it normally in everyday life.

And my last passion, which I also got into around high school, is music. I love playing my guitar. Yes, the reason why I learned it was for the girls, but not entirely. I also wanted to have some backup when I’d sign (not a day goes by without me singing). Did I mention my neighbors love me?

All these things taught me one important thing.

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and commit.

This is the attitude I bring into my work and what I do for my clients.

Working with me

If you’re interested in working with me, best thing to do right now is to get on my calendar for a free 30min intro call. We’ll talk a little bit about your situation, how I can help you and see if we would be a good fit working together.

My services include:

  • Complete email automation overhaul – get your business running and making sales on autopilot
  • Email strategy – find out the next steps to grow your business and generate more sales with emails
  • Email copywriting – your emails should entertain, educate and elevate your subscribers to make sales and build relationships
  • Email development – convert your beautiful email designs into responsive HTML emails (or email templates for your chosen platform) that render perfectly across all major email clients
  • Coaching & consulting – ongoing help and guidance to make your email campaigns more profitable

Get on my calendar here.