All roads should lead to your email list

I was browsing through Quora today and found an interesting question: “What was the biggest mistake you made in marketing?” And there was an answer from Noah Kagan (the guy behind AppSumo). His story was pretty shocking, listen to this. 10 years ago his company was, at that time, the largest Facebook app developer. They … Read more

Plump, sweet and begging for cream

So, I was scrolling through facebook and saw something interesting in one of the groups I’m in. It was a post about a sign in the store that read like this: “Plump, sweet and begging for cream” No, it’s not what you think! This was a sign above the strawberries in the store. Look: Seeing … Read more

The 3 E’s of a powerful email

What makes a good movie or a TV show? If you ask Mel Gibson, he’ll say it all comes down to this: What did they(the audience) get out of it? Or you ask yourself these 3 questions: Were they entertained? Were they educated? Were they elevated? When all of these are combined, you have a … Read more