What kind of a game makes the crowd go wild?

I was watching an NBA game between Nuggets and Pacers yesterday. I’m a big basketball fan, but you don’t have to be one to understand what I’ll tell you. The game was a classic beauty. The home team, Pacers were losing for the whole game until the 3rd quarter. They managed to get back and … Read more

Are you an annoying pest or a welcome guest?

I think I first heard about the term “welcome guest” from Dan Kennedy, that story really stuck with me. Let me explain what’s it all about. Imagine you are chilling in your home, when suddenly a doorbell rings. You open the door and there he is, a salesman trying to sell you something (duh), disturbing … Read more

When should you worry about mistakes in your email?

Years ago, when I was a noobie in email marketing, I was working as a student for one big daily deal company. I had over 100000 subscribers I had to take care of every single day, even weekends (quite a big responsibility for me at that time). As any human, I made mistakes and occasionally … Read more

For all the blenders that are collecting dust in kitchen cabinets

You know that one time you wanted to start eating healthy, so you bought a blender? Or when you’ve decided to get back in shape and you bought an exercise machine? And now these things sit stored somewhere and are collecting dust, you probably used them the first month and then forgot about them. OK, … Read more

Easy way to remove Mailchimp footer from your emails

A quick guide for more control over your email branding You are using Mailchimp and you’ve decided to send a custom coded email, or you want to give light text HTML email a go, so you get more emails into gmail primary tab. But, once you’ve created your email and hit the preview button, you … Read more

Reading tabloids makes you money

Who would have thought, reading tabloids regularly makes you money! But you have to read them with a mission. Study their headlines. These guys, they live from headlines – pay special attention on how they use psychology in the headlines: they shock, they make you curious, they make you angry, they make you laugh…bottom line … Read more