Do we really need any more content?

These days you can google just about anything. Content marketing has grown so much, almost every business has some sort of blog (guilty as well). But do we really need any more guides? Do we really need any more top 10 of this and that? After some times, these things become repetitive. You know what … Read more

Your emails should be like your wingman

There’s this term in dating niche that’s called a wingman. Let’s say you are meeting someone new and want them to really like you. Wingman is the person that joins in the conversation (or starts it) and then builds you up. Basically, makes them see what’s so special about you. The wingman isn’t there to … Read more

Cheesy subject line tactics

I don’t know if you’ve heard about these subject line tactics or not, but here is what I’m talking about. Some “experts” will suggest that using Re: or Fw: before subject line is a great idea to stand out in inbox and make email look more natural (like you’ve had a conversation with the person … Read more

How to never run out of things to write about

Creating and sending content for your list can sometimes be a pain in the a$$. For a lot of people, the problem is right at the starting point. What to write about? This can be solved easily by doing good market research, creating customer avatar, ya know. There is loads of things you can use … Read more

Would you love having Christmas every day?

I was talking to one ecommerce business owner recently about their email marketing. They have great quality products, but yet, their business is in decline. Why? There are many factors that could be causing this, but one thing really caught my eye. I found out that their lead magnet for getting people on their list … Read more

How to sell without making it obvious

I’ve had a really interesting conversation with my friend the other day. We were having lunch and I was talking to him about how distilled water is probably the healthiest option to drink out there. Like almost everyone, he wasn’t really sold on the idea. You don’t usually see people drinking it on a daily … Read more