We have it easy

How long does it take to create an email? Not that much, right? And how long does it take for that email to get delivered? Usually less than a minute, unlike direct mail, where you’d have to wait as long as three weeks to get your mail delivered. Three weeks! And before even sending it, … Read more

Would you go with the herd?

I’ve been watching an older episode of Brain Games the other day. In case you don’t know about it, it’s a cool show that demonstrates through various tests/games how our brains work. This episode, they did a test where people had to compare and pick 2 same straight lines in different pictures. It’s kind of … Read more

What if they don’t love your emails?

There is one little detail in email marketing that is overlooked so many times. It’s the unsubscribe process. Let me explain. Unsubscribe doesn’t always have to mean goodbye for good. It might just mean that someone is not interested in your stuff right now, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be again. This is often … Read more

Can you write high converting emails in 10 minutes or less?

These days, everyone wants to get more by doing less. And the idea of spending 10 minutes on a profitable email seems like a dream. That’s why we have whole interwebz crawling with various email copywriting templates. Cold pitches, onboarding sequences, launch sequences…whatever your little email heart desires, there’s a template for it somewhere. And … Read more

Times change, people don’t

This image here is funny and true at the same time: And it captures perfectly how people usually react to things. When there is abundance of something, our mind stops giving it that much attention (and we don’t value it that much anymore). When it’s something completely different than what you are used to, your … Read more

When you and your friend go fishing – the significance of buyer personas

Someone asked this on Quora and thought I’d share my answer with you here as well: What’s the significance of buyer personas? And here was my answer (no cooking connections this time): Imagine you and your friend are going fishing. He knows where the most fish will be, you don’t. He knows what kind of … Read more