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What I do

I help ecommerce businesses maximize revenue by increasing conversions and repeat sales through email marketing.

The secret to my great results and what makes me different is my omnipresent email marketing, which is a combo of:

  • My ecommerce email marketing strategy that supports complete customer lifecycle – making sure that the right message gets delivered at the right time to the right person
  • My 3E email formula that makes email marketing campaigns irresistible to read and take action on – because they use storytelling techniques to Entertain, Educate, and Elevate

This combo makes for a perfect mix of direct response marketing and sales psychology that is proven to get amazing results for anyone selling their products online.

With my process, I’m not just creating new customers for my clients, I’m creating fans.

I specialize in working with established and high growth ecommerce businesses that want to increase their revenue and scale fast!

My emails helped add millions of extra revenue for my clients and I’m confident that I can help you too.

So if you need an email marketing consultant with more than 10 years of expertise who knows how to generate amazing results for your ecommerce store, schedule a quick call now.

The results I can do for You

The power of omnipresent email marketing

So how does it work, Zoran?

Omnipresent email marketing is what you get when all of your emails are in sync with the 6 stages of the customer lifecycle. If you really want to connect with your target audience, your emails need to speak to them in the right way. I’ll briefly explain all the major parts:

The 6 stages of the customer lifecycle

These stages represent the path your customer takes from the moment they first hear about your brand, all the way to the end where they become a loyal customer.

Customers may fall out of this lifecycle at any point, but they can also go through different stages multiple times.

The goal of your email marketing strategy is to be always present with the right communication for each of these stages, help your customers move towards the next stage, and keep them inside your customer lifecycle.

We achieve this with the combination of manual email marketing campaigns and email marketing automation – effectively creating an omnipresent email marketing channel for your store.

Email marketing campaigns

They keep you top-of-mind with your subscribers through engaging and fun content with a mix of promotional offers. These story driven emails work great for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Email marketing automation

Triggers when a customer reaches a specific stage in the lifecycle or takes a desired action. Each category of automation emails is designed for different lifecycle stages so that the right customer receives the right message at the right time – creating a great experience with your brand.

Here's how I can help you

Whether you’re looking for someone to run all your email marketing for you, want a robust email marketing automation system and strategy, or need a seasoned ecommerce email marketing consultant to help you generate more revenue for your store, I got your back.

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Do you want your email campaigns taken care of by a seasoned expert? This fully managed email marketing service is for those who are ready to take their business to the next level.


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What my Clients say

"Hiring Zoran was one of the best strategic decisions we made this year"

We used to have 5% of our revenue generated by our emailing strategy. We thought it was low for a business exclusively online. We decided to hire Zoran, who had great customer reviews. Three months later, 40% of our revenue is now generated by our emailing strategy! Hiring Zoran was one of the best strategic decisions we made this year.

Aurelien Domont
CEO, Slidebooks Consulting

"Zoran was perfect for the job"

Zoran was an integral part of setting up and running the email marketing program we implemented for the business. Not only did he execute on the technical side and email marketing strategies, but he was also a great liaison to bounce ideas off. From small beginnings, sales and profits have grown significantly. A lot of that comes down to setting things right upfront and then scaling from there. Zoran was perfect for the job and I can’t recommend him higher to anyone looking for a partner in this field.

Sam McKay
Founder, Enterprise DNA